Vava’u, Tonga

Welcome to our new blog site! We were forced to change sites after Apple stopped hosting sites as of June.  In a way it is a good thing as the old service was not working well and was difficult to publish. So here we are, time to start fresh.

We have been in Vava’u Tonga for over a month now. We try to avoid town, spending most of our time in one of the many anchorages. One of our best finds is an anchorage in front of Reef Resort. It is a wonderful place and we have gotten to know Josef and Renate quite well. They are former cursers who now have two resorts in Tonga. Josef is a chef by trade, and we have had some of our best meals in a very long time. Liliane treated Renate (an exchange). Difficult to pull up the anchor.

Mike, Renate, Josef, Liliane and Meikyo in the background  Mike, Renate, Josef, Liliane and Meikyo in the background

We have done some diving ( it is really nice being able to fill or own tanks now), the best being Swallows Cave.  It is a popular site to visit, most people just dinghy into the cave. However if you jump in, it is full of fish just below the surface. They surround you. Really neat. Just outside the entrance, the underwater wall drops vertical also making a nice dive spot. Liliane took a nice video of a clown fish family.

 Entrance to Swallows Cave

  Liliane diving with the fish in the cave

Other activities, Tonga feast with Paul and Mary (Bella Via, also from Canada), some sewing projects, and of course snorkelling just about every day. Life is tough.

 Mola curtain

  New cushion covers

We also helped fix the moorings on Lape Island with Paul from Bella Via. They were put in as an aid project by New Zealand but were istalled incorrectly. One mooring chaffed through and detached. Liliane and I dove on the five moorings over a two day period reshakling them. All ok now.

  Any excuse to get in the water

Getting anxious to move on. We want to meet up with our good friends Bob and Elaine on Pipistrelle who are currently in the  Ha’api Group, which is about 70 miles south of us. Still planning to go east to Niue for August, then on to Fiji.

Stay tuned

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5 Responses to Vava’u, Tonga

  1. Lucien says:

    N’embarquez pas suffisamment d’objets à bord pour faire couler le bateau.

  2. kim says:

    Hey. Glad to get your new website. I sent you an email a few months ago to let you know we were missing being able to keep up with you. I think I told you we got hit by lightning in the San Blas so will be in Panama for awhile. Besides that all is well. Thanks for the update and the site looks great.
    Kim and Steve
    North Star

  3. bill Norrie says:

    Hello Liliane and Mike ,
    Sorry to be so quiet and not keeping up emails. Cath and I are well all be it dry in Calgary and oh yes working work working. And would be green with envy if I was even a bit more imature. G O Y guys !!! You both look great as does Meiko. We are past 1/2 time here in Cow Town till we return to Terrwyn and NZ in Feb /13. NEWS : we are proud new parents to our baby Daisy ( ) long beautiful story . Will you be retuirning to NZ the end of this season ? say hi to Keith the commodore of Nuie Yacht club , a GREAT man !!!!
    Love ya,
    Cath and BIll

  4. JANE HOLUBIK says:

    Well, well, my dear Travelers!!! So nice to hear from you…I do not think that you got any of my Messages from the old Site, so I gave up 🙂 Saw dear Erica 2 weeks ago and she gave me an update!!! So happy for you and cannot imagine doing any of that…I am such a chicken!!! Take care…ENJOY, ENJOY!!! JANE HOLUBIK…your trusty old Real Estate Agent 🙂

  5. Yvette says:

    Que de beaux souvenirs en perspective alleluia !

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