Fulaga, Fiji

Back in Savusavu after spending almost seven weeks in Fulaga. We absolutely loved it there. It is one of the very few places we’ve been that we had a tough time leaving. But it was almost two months since we had provisioned the boat and we were running low on supplies. Time to go when you run out of beer, gas for the dinghy and are down to your last few rolls of toilet paper! We are already planning our return next year.

Fulaga is in the southern Lau Group of islands. It is remote and tough to get to as it against the prevailing winds. About fifty yachts a season visit the island, which forms a circle about five miles across with a lagoon in the center. There is one pass into the lagoon. The villagers are very friendly and enjoy interaction with cruisers. They are known for their carvings using the local vessi hardwood. A supply boat comes about every three months.

Here is a link to an aerial photo of Fulaga


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Limestone islands abound

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Beautiful in the lagoon


IMG_6422 The Admiral with the Captain

001 Banana boat

130 Preparing to boil palm leaves for weaving

126 Transporting the table. Liliane was able to treat many of the villagers (including the chief).

135 Treating the chief with an audience

015 (2) Tara, Penena, and Asena  after treatment

IMG_2504 Kava party

IMG_2490 Drinking kava

IMG_2462 Village prepared lunch

029 Picnic day at the beach

049 Time to eat!

045 (2) Making your own plate

003 Can’t resist opportunity to treat someone

051 With Thai

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hike up the mountain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA View from the top with Brigit (Mariposa) and Thai

009 Vinnie carving our small bowls

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Koro (left) carving our large kava bowl. Jojo on the right.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Liliane  teaching massage therapy techniques at the school, adapting to local environment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Visiting the kindergarten class

We also did a lot of snorkeling and diving the pass. We had to time that with slack tide as you can get four knots of current. One day we had humpback whales in the lagoon (mother and calf).

Our next destination is Namena Marine Reserve, just south of Savusavu. We were there last year and did some awesome diving. Hoping to repeat that.

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4 Responses to Fulaga, Fiji

  1. Vei says:

    Nice. Glad you enjoyed my little island. I try to get there with my family every 3 years.

  2. Vei says:

    Could I please use some of your pictures? Going there next year. Thanks.

  3. Jale Wea says:

    Thanks for paying a visits to my island home. Hope you enjoy every moment there…Malo

  4. Joe Yabaki says:

    Its always great to know that friends like you continue to share and showcase my unique island home for the undisturb nature it promotes.

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