Suva, Fiji

We are in Suva for a few days to re-provision. We just finished having Erica and Andrew for their two week Honeymoon on the boat. It was wonderful to see them and we had a great time. We know they were torn to leave Cole, but we knew he was in good hands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Champagne arrival with gift. A nice fish hook from Tonga  that Liliane gave to Erica so that Andrew could have the one that we gave to Erica a few years back. Now they are a matching couple. Liliane had to repair the one that Andrew was wearing after a few days but it should last now.


Our first anchorage was off the village of Nalauwaki on the north of Waya.  We spent a few days there waiting for the weather to change. Snorkelling was good. We hiked up past the waterfalls and walked over to the resort on the other side of the island. Lot’s of pigs!


Unfortunately Andrew ripped his shorts on the hike. Luckily Liliane had a sarong he could wear to preserve his modesty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Island changing room

Our next anchorage was near Manta Ray Resort. The highlight was swimming with the giant mantas. Very cool!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Preparing to snorkel with the mantas

Then on to Somosomo Bay, where we snorkelled the WW2 plane. Liliane got a nice picture of a juvenile lion fish on the wreck.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Andrew fetching a coconut.

We then worked our way up to the caves, which was fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In the chamber of the second cave


Unfortunately Andrew’s wedding band slipped off somewhere in the cave. Liliane and the guide did a search but no luck.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Liliane after the search


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Laundry needs to get done even on your honeymoon!


A great sailing day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Liliane singing to the hermit crab

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Winding down at Musket Cove

When they got back home we learned that Cole was sick with a case of croup, and Erica picked up a cold on the way back. There both on the mend which is good.

The holiday is over for us as well. Now back to work on boat projects. Liliane up the mast fixing the spinnaker halyard.





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