Fiji update

Here we are a few days away from November.  Like the previous years before we have spent a few weeks diving the wonderful protected marine park of Namena. Liliane did her 400th dive on her birthday. That’s all she wanted this year. Ya right!

Never the less it was our 3rd year in Fiji and we saw new things.

We snorkelled the Yasawas and saw the famous manta rays . After that we traveled towards Savusavu and meet our friends from  Kailani and went to the most spectacular show in Fiji, The Fire Dance. We liked it so much that we went a second time. The price was also very spectacular. $20.00 Fiji per person. Approximately $13.00 can.  for diner and show.

We had real nice encounters with sharks. They seem to be more and more curious about us. On one of the videos Liliane was approximately 2 feet from the shark.

So here we are now trying to decide if we are going to the Marshal Island or New Zealand this year.

Here we are with our friends Jennifer, Harley, and Sophia on SY Kailani at the fire dance


Fire Dance the best show in Fiji

Shark encounter of the calm kind

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  1. Lucien A. Laporte, ing. à la retraite says:

    Bonne Fête Liliane

    Lucien xx

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