New Zealand It Is!

We arrived in New Zealand after eight days at sea.

Our passage from Fiji was not the fastest nor the slowest. It was perhaps our calmest one. We sailed at an average speed of 6.5 knots and  motored for about 36 hours in total.

The big event of the trip was the catch of our biggest Mahimahi.


Our arrival to New Zealand was very enjoy-fulled. We received a warm welcome from our friends on the radio and within 12 hours we had an invitation for a nice Thanksgiving diner with SeaQuester and Happy Monster.

Our Sea Monkey friends


It was like we never left. Within 24 hours we put the music band back together, the aerobic classes and the massage therapy. There was already a line up for treatments.

We are starting our forth season here. New Zealand has become our second home. It always warms us to see friends that we had not seen in months, sometimes years.

This year we have decided to go sailing. Imagine,  what an idea!!! Since New Zealand has some of the most beautiful shores in the world, we have told ourselves that this year we will try to spend less time and money on the boat  and  more time on just enjoying the freedom of sailing. Hopefully Meikyo won’t have other ideas.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First morning in New Zealand from our anchorage


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1 Response to New Zealand It Is!

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi guys. Nice you are back in NZ. Our niece Rachel Black is working at the Napier Prison as a tour guide for about 3 months. She is with “Stray” on a working/backpacking NZ adventure. Look her up if you are ever down her way. Glad you are still enjoying life and are healthy and happy.
    Lynn and Doug

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