Return to Tassie

We arrived back mid October after a wonderful two month visit to Canada. It was great to see all the family. It was a bit of a road trip, driving between Montreal, Ontario and New Brunswick to see everyone. The grandchildren are growing fast. We were there for Cole’s first day at Kindergarten. Eleanor is a real cutie. She likes unicorns, so Liliane painted one for her room.

We also had a very nice time with Liliane’s family in Quebec. We stayed at her sister Jeannine and her husband Louis’ house. We had Liliane’s book, “The Adventures of Brandy the Sailor Dog” printed while we were in Ontario. Jeannine bought the first copy. Liliane also had the chance to spend her birthday (a little bit early) with her sister.

Jeannine buys 1st copy

Birthday Girl

Fall colours


Our Cruising Friends

While in Quebec we had a renunion with cruising friends, most of whom we first met in Grenada seven years ago. Annie and Ghislain (SV Myriam) who have completed their circumnavigation hosted the event. Also attending; Lise and Sylvain (SV Vanilla), Mélanie and Jean Frédéric (SV Dorénavent), Carmelle and Yvon (SV Taima) also circumnavigators, and Joanne and Serge (SV Spirare). Ironically, Joanne and Serge are here in Tasmania as well and were also back visiting in Canada.We hope to host the next reunion in 5 years.

Liliane also contacted her college friends. They reunited after many years. Perhaps 30+

College Friends

During our New Brunswick trip we visited with both my older brothers. At Moose Mountain, Peter put me to work splitting and stacking firewood for the winter. When he gave me some time off, Liliane, Mary and I climbed Moose Mountain. Coming back down the trail we spotted a black bear ahead of us. The Australians always mention the fact that we have bears in Canada, and I have always joked that I have only ever seen them in zoos. Seeing one in the wild was a first for me.

With My Brother Peter (I’m the good looking one)

Moose Mountain Trail



Now that we are back in Tasmania we are out cruising again. The days are getting longer and the temperature warmer. We plan to be in Tasmania until April at which time we start the long journey up the east Australian coast.

As nice as any beach in the tropics


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