Triton Bay, Indonesia

We have just finished two months in Triton Bay (and coming up on six months in Indonesia!). The highlight for us was swimming with whale sharks. This has always been one of Liliane’s dreams and we managed to do it three times (once on my birthday!). It is an amazing experience being next to the largest fish on the planet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We snorkelled just about every day and did quite a few dives. The soft corals and abundence of fish don’t disappoint.

And it’s always fun to spot Nudibranchs

When we weren’t underwater, we were busy taking Scupper to the beach everyday. His favourite thing is jumping from the dinghy into the water. He can launch himself quite far, so we have be careful he doesn’t land on us with his claws.

We anchored in front of Triton Bay Divers for a number of weeks. Guests would come and go. A few times we would get together to play music with the dive guides and some of the guests. When people learned that Liliane was a Registered Massage Therapist, she ended up doing a number of treatments.

Dive guides Rein with Andreas singing an Indonesian song. Liliane joining in.

We were there for the fourth anniversary of the resort. Lisa, the owner, put on an outdoor feast and later a bonfire. Then dancing to the music until midnight on the beach.

Kaimana is the closest town to provision and get fuel. Not the most enjoyable task, but the market is always interesting. We always stand out, and the ladies at the market seem to like me. Still trying to figure out the currency. A 100,000 rp note is worth about $9 CDN. So we are in the taxi (small minivan full of people) going to the market. I make signs to the driver to inquire how much (no-one speaks english here) and he holds up five fingers. Now I’m thinking he wants 50,000 (around $4.50) so I give him that. He and everyone in the taxi is happy, as I paid for everyone. I think about this later and realize the fair was only 5,000 or about 50 cents.

We are leaving for Sorong in the morning as we need to check out of the country by April 17 (our six months are up!). Plan on sailing up to Davao, Philippines where we will spend the next eight months doing a number of boat projects.

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