Lautoka, Fiji

Well, we are back in Fiji again after a later than usual departure from New Zealand. We found the temperature was colder than we remembered on the trip up, needing to bundle up at night even above 22 degrees south. We stopped at North Minerva Reef for a week. We really like Minerva. Breaks the trip up from NZ and allowed us to wait out a bit of weather. We had the place to ourselves.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The dinghy tied to the reef, Meikyo anchored in the background

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The reef dries out at low tide, that’s the ocean in the distance

Caught a couple of mahi mahi on the way with our magic lure, top of a pop bottle and a bag of chips!


After checking in and provisioning the last couple of days, it’s time to leave Lautoka. We are planning to sail to Navadra, a small uninhabited island 28 miles from here.

Bye for now


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